CO2 Hemp Extract 1.0 Gram


The best results come from the best ingredients. That's why we have gone out of our way to source the highest quality raw hemp extracts to provide to our customers. These extracts start life on the farm as pristine, organically grown hemp plants raised in America's backyard. They are then processed using supercritical CO2 extraction to preserve the natural content of the cannabinoids and ensure that no nasty solvents or other chemicals are left behind. What is left after is some of the highest CBD extracts on the market today. These products work fantastic as vaporized dabs, or being mixed with an oil carrier and used for tinctures or edibles.

**Disclaimer: These products are processed using CO2 extraction methods. Though our product is some of the strongest on the market, strengths will vary from batch to batch. Call to get the exact potency results, expect 75%-85% active ingredients.