Fat Pig Farms Organic Coconut Oil


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This is it, this is the good stuff. Fat pig society hemp infused coconut oil is by far the best all around product on the market today. These folks like keeping things simple, as they should be anyways in life. No solvents, non-GMO, Organic, Vegan Friendly. Heck, the only ingredients in this product is coconut oil and hemp parts. The manufacturing process ensures that the compounds found in hemp stay as intact as possible, simply brewing the coconut oil with the raw plant makes a product that can be used externally and internally as well meaning you are getting several products packed into a 4oz. jar.

***Disclaimer: CALL BEFORE ORDERING!!! Fat Pig Farms produces all of their products in small batches according to their harvest schedule. Strengths of all Fat Pig items vary in strength from batch to batch. PLEASE CONTACT US TO FIND OUT WHAT STRENGTH IS IN STOCK!